Practicum & Internship Experience

Practicum: I completed a four-month counseling practicum in Eastern Michigan University’s College of Education clinic during the Fall 2013 semester. During this time I met weekly with individual counseling clients, maintained case notes, completed initial intake and final reports, and met with an individual supervisor and a group supervision class on a weekly basis.

As part of my practicum experience, I also facilitated a 12-week, 90 minute didactic group through SafeHouse Center for female survivors of domestic or sexual violence incarcerated in the Washtenaw County jail. The purpose of this group was to provide outreach to prisoners – an often-overlooked segment of the population – and give them time, space, and support as they emotionally processed their experiences. In addition to providing psychoeducation and discussing what rape culture looks like and the ways it can affect us as survivors and as women, the group also focused on facilitating a supported transition for survivors who would be released soon.

Internship: I actually completed two different internships, even though only one was required to graduate from my program, because I was interested in gaining as much professional experience as possible. First, from January to April 2014, I worked at Eastern Michigan University’s Academic & Career Development Center. In this role, I worked with individual students who were uncertain about their career goals to pull out their skills, interests, and goals and help them decide how they chose to apply that to a major at EMU as well as a career later on. I also developed and facilitated workshops aimed at helping students determine a major. On a walk-in basis, I provided resume and cover letter review as well as interview preparation (including mock interview practice and debrief).

From May to August 2014 I interned at Henry Ford College in their Counseling Center. In this role I saw students weekly for individual personal counseling, as well as working with students for career counseling or academic advising.

All of these experiences taught me a great deal about working with students, as well as about myself as a professional. I developed, and continue to enjoy, great relationships with my supervisors at all four sites. If you are a current counseling student looking for some perspective on choosing an internship site, especially if you have interest in working in student affairs, I would love to talk to you; my experiences are varied enough to where I think I could shed some light on what working in different fields looks like, and I would be more than happy to help any way that I can.