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career counseling – two models & infinite possibilities

My counseling degree program is largely bound by CACREP standards, which means that I had to take a Career Counseling class last winter, which means that poor Billy had to hear, for the entire fall semester leading up to it, about how much I would hate this stupid class and how unexcited I was for it and how I don’t even want to do career counseling anyway, why are they making me take this, life is so unfair HOW CAN THEY DO THIS TO ME. (That is maybe a little bit of an exaggeration, but the fact remains.)

So, obviously, in Entry #4,912,403 of the Time To Eat Crow series that my life has been, I loved that class. I loved learning about the different ways that theorists conceptualize career development, from the very random (Krumboltz) to the verging-on-predetermined (Holland), and I was especially thrilled to learn about the theories which took into account environmental factors – for instance, the impact that gender and other social identities have on career decision-making (Gottfredson). Is it coming through? I loved this class. It falls into the category of “things I’ve experienced that I wasn’t expecting to like but which pretty thoroughly changed everything”, which I think is always a good list to review. And one of the biggest things I took from it was the overlap between personal counseling and career counseling, and the way that a person’s self-perception influences their career choices.

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